The Death Vine

by Eleven &the Falcons

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All songs were written, recorded, and mastered between February 2009-January 2010 at Rainbow Cave II Studios in Brooklyn, NY except the ones that were not. Those songs were written, recorded and/or mastered between February-May 2010 at Rainbow Cave III Studios in Asheville, NC.
Said songs were crafted at every single stage by one or more of the following people: Ali Maladi, Christian B. Church, and Mayor Prankster (collectively referred to as Eleven &the Falcons).
Some of the instruments that these individuals used on this album are as followed: electrical guitar, vocal chords, electronically amplified bass guitar, a series of drum pieces struck with wooden sticks, miscellaneous percussion, musical computer software, digital keyboards of one style or another, and probably some other things.


released May 25, 2010

All recordings, music, lyrics, and artwork are © Harrison/Torrealba/Vinson, 2010 and
© KillerPOP Records, 2010. /




Eleven &the Falcons Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Ghost'n m'Throat
As a boy I’d watch the light as it played off of the dust that danced in the room
Stare at the shadows in the corners of my bedroom
Watch for the subtle changes in shade as the sun fell behind the clouds and the light in the room faded, only to return without warning
Let the points of light penetrating the blinds shatter into stars in my eyes
The carpet brushing along my skin in ways grass never could without causing an adverse reaction
Reveling in the plushness and darkness
Thoughts drifting to the surface of my semi-conscious mind
The ebb and flow of possibilities
Conversations and ideas perched, waiting, like a ghost in my throat looking for someone to haunt
Track Name: Slowly '66/Alligator In The Cave
A little entertainment, not exactly a revival
It’s just what I have to do for my daily survival
How’d you do? What’s the difference?
What’s the sameness? Why’d you change?
Come the dawn, day is breaking
And I’m not sleeping, just resting my eyes

She’s just a little pumpkin girl
She’s living in a spooky world
Track Name: Tigersticks
Use tigersticks to call the beasts, gather round ferocious kings
I have a piece, a but of mind
To tell you all what’s mine is mine
So long, so long
We fashioned up a new décor, coloring all along the boards
Ba-boom boom, ba-boom boom
We battle another jungle time slumber
Feasts in the moon
Track Name: Our Love Was A Crime
They said our love was a crime
They said that two alike should be two apart, and they scowled at us
They said our love was a crime
They said that the way that we were born was a choice we made, somewhere along the way
They said our love was a crime, then they built their walls so high
I guess it’s easier to bury us that way, in all of their misplaced shame
And then they cried for us, they cried, cried, cried
They said that our love was a crime
They told us there was something wrong with us, and that only they could make it right
And then they smiled at us, when they said, when they told us our love was a crime
Track Name: O, Aluha!
Track Name: Blue Patterns
Periwinkle snowshine in a straight line
Come to the window where the wind blows
How I hate the grapevine and silly paradigms
Sherry sprinkle Buckingham shoots a poor man
And all the little buttons on the floor
Picked up by the maid, and the dog, and the blues
So you say to fasten what is left in my hand,
And hide it all away from the sandman
Grandma’s makin’ brownies on the floor, there’s a bandstand
Led by all the people who have died with an upper hand
Carry all your pennies and your wishes in your other hand,
And sink them in the well where we all drink
Mixing all the bells and the cells in the free world,
Tell me where to go where the grass has a greener glow
Perish all the ways which we have strayed us in the wrong way
Then snatch to sneak them up again
My, the wine is dry but you’ve seen this sugarland:
The trail is widening everyday
Reluctant in my walk, and my talk,
I think they’ve found me swimming by the sheep in the field
There goes the day; once again I’m in a tin can
Crinkled at the bottom of a shoe
Choking on the sun, at my neck there’s another hand,
And you whisper, “I owe you”
Track Name: Wish I Were A Narwhal
Wish I were a narwhal
Oh how I wish I were something more
(It’s nice to hear you smile)
Wish I were a nar-whale
(Actually, it’s not. I saw it on my wall:
Violet skin and dorsal fin, a halo on his head
I knew which way he was going
His blue tusk was showing
All the way to heaven)
All whales go to heaven
Track Name: Best Of The Canopies
The tangerine rain makes a ghost feel grey
And they fly into the squiggly sky
Things down here, well they aren’t as clear,
But I still can’t help but wonder why
Fly back down
There is a lack of words at play
You’re boring and you’re no fun
Let’s celebrate, dear, what we make here
And dream about future sunshine
Fly back down

Well okay, my dear,
I’m waiting right here
To pirouette into the ground
Admonish your fears, I’ll open my ears,
All you have to do is make a sound
Fly back down
Track Name: O, Discordia!
*Speaking in tongues*
Track Name: Row The Retinal Circus
I made my planet disappear
I made my family disappear
I made my body disappear
Watch the morse code, shapes and numbers
As they’re floating upstream
Felt my dreams torn asunder by the cacophony in the hallway
Notes rain down like ice and asteroids
Get me away
Track Name: Gipyup
Three ducks per goose, please
I don’t want you to leave,
So three ducks per goose, please
One boat per goat, please
I don’t want you to leave,
So one boat per goat, please
Track Name: Get Haunted
This song's for you
Track Name: Mercury, That's All She Wrote
Move to the city, I’m never so tired
Open up my window but it’s still so quiet
Back where I come from you’re sung off to sleep
by a chorus of tree frogs, crickets, and skeets
Don’t stamp your feet on the slippery street,
the sidewalk’s wet, you’d better watch your step
I don’t want you to slip and slip and fall down
Yellow sky (Hello, Skyler)
Track Name: Under The Rainbow
I’ve been sitting waiting for you under the rainbow
Me and Sweeny sifting through our hoard of golden coins
When we run out he reaches up to the sun to pull more down
I’ve been sitting waiting for you under the rainbow
This could be a day that’s just like any other
This could be a day that’s not like one before it
This could be the day that we go everywhere we’ve always wanted
This could be the day that we go nowhere
Take my hand I’ll lift you up out of the jungle into the mountains
We can leave grey clouds behind and find our pot of gold
Slay the beast, abandon the cave
Find our way back to okay
We’ll go to Thailand, Tokyo, Peru, Buenos Aires, Sweden, the Moon
I’ll take you where you want to go or we could just sit here
Under the rainbow