Blue Patterns

from by Eleven &the Falcons

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Periwinkle snowshine in a straight line
Come to the window where the wind blows
How I hate the grapevine and silly paradigms
Sherry sprinkle Buckingham shoots a poor man
And all the little buttons on the floor
Picked up by the maid, and the dog, and the blues
So you say to fasten what is left in my hand,
And hide it all away from the sandman
Grandma’s makin’ brownies on the floor, there’s a bandstand
Led by all the people who have died with an upper hand
Carry all your pennies and your wishes in your other hand,
And sink them in the well where we all drink
Mixing all the bells and the cells in the free world,
Tell me where to go where the grass has a greener glow
Perish all the ways which we have strayed us in the wrong way
Then snatch to sneak them up again
My, the wine is dry but you’ve seen this sugarland:
The trail is widening everyday
Reluctant in my walk, and my talk,
I think they’ve found me swimming by the sheep in the field
There goes the day; once again I’m in a tin can
Crinkled at the bottom of a shoe
Choking on the sun, at my neck there’s another hand,
And you whisper, “I owe you”


from The Death Vine, released May 25, 2010




Eleven &the Falcons Asheville, North Carolina

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